Dispute Resolution

Disputes can emerge at various stages in all business relationships, from contract negotiations to completion. Our experienced
professionals are well-versed in addressing any challenges you may face, employing alternative dispute resolution methods and adapting to your unique needs. Whether through skilful negotiation or mediation to hard-fought litigation, we are committed to fostering resolutions that align with the
specific demands of building and construction law.


Recognising the multifaceted nature of disputes, our team is equally proficient at providing robust representation in litigation when
necessary. We understand that legal conflicts can arise in all contexts, and our commitment to you is unwavering. We will resolve your dispute efficiently while safeguarding your interests.


Our focus on achieving favourable outcomes aligns seamlessly with the demands of the industry. Clear communication and skilled negotiation
are integral components of our approach, ensuring that your disputes are not only resolved effectively but also contribute to the overall success of the
project. Whether you find yourself in a complex legal conflict or are proactively seeking dispute resolution management strategies, our firm is dedicated to delivering results with integrity and professionalism. 


Services We Provide

  • Tribunal
  • Court
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation

Below are some select achievements of William Roger Stone Lawyers or our team:

p8 auto ltd t/as european automotive ballina v dolling [2022] nswcatap 41

Our Principal was engaged following an adverse decision against the Trader whereby the Tribunal determined that the Consumer would receive damages equal to the claimed value of materials purchased and labour performed. Acting for the Trader, an Appeal was commenced against the original decision citing errors of law with respect to statutory guarantees and the lower Tribunal’s reasoning for awarding damages. Our Principal was able to successfully argue that the inability to test crucial evidence was material to the correct determination of these Proceedings and otherwise argued that evidence filed by the Consumer was inadequate for the purposes of determining the liability of the Trader. The Tribunal agreed with the submissions made by our Principal, allowing the Appeal and remitting the Proceedings for re-determination, after which the matter was resolved between the parties without proceeding to re-determination.

wardle v crinitis castle hill pty ltd [2020] nswsc 924 & [2020] nswsc 894

Our Principal, over the course of two separate hearings, obtained orders to transfer Proceedings that were commenced by another law practice relating to alleged non-payment of monies. Certain circumstances that occurred after the initial Proceedings were commenced in the Local Court Proceedings warranted the transfer of the Proceedings to a Federal jurisdiction to allow the Plaintiff to continue its claim. Our Principal was able to persuade the Court that the appropriate course of action was the transfer the Proceedings notwithstanding the limited relief sought in the first instance. To facilitate the transfer of Proceedings into the Federal jurisdiction, our Principal was required to first transfer the Proceedings from the Local Court to the Supreme Court, and thereafter from the Supreme Court to the Federal Court having regard to the powers of each body.

Rhg mortgage corporation limited v saunders [2016] NSWSC 929

Our Principal instructed Counsel on a matter where a Consumer attempted to set aside a Default Judgment obtained for possession of real property following failure to make contractual payments. It was successfully argued on behalf of the Lender that the alleged defence to the claim for possession of the property did not raise ana rguable or triable issue and accordingly, the Default Judgment was not set aside.